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Client Testimonials

Bob Scarmazzo

I spent more in one month of advertising in the local newspaper than it cost me to set up my website with IDXnetwork. I receive more phone calls than ever before and now that I am using your message to clients function (free of charge), I am getting more hits on my website which helps keep my ranking.  You are a genius with setting up a cost efficient but powerful web site and the extra time ... read more

Brent Dillon

I chose IDX Network due to the fact that you were able to match my needs with a product, regardless of my skill level, while at the same time offering new tools for me to add as my skill level in web building increased. Simply stated, as my skill level increases, the available tools also increase in complexity, allowing me to synergistically impact my web rankings and return on investment. You gu... read more

Greg Courniotes

As a new customer of about a month I would like to take a moment to indicate my satisfaction with your product and company.  I was with Advanced Access prior to this and my customer experience with your company has been much better.  Your graphics layout and menu functions are also much better and and the IDX engine is stronger as well.  I have had many positive comments on my site ... read more

Ian Sebastian

Thank you and the Support Team for the incredible transformation of my website, When I look back at my old site, it seems like a bad dream from which I could never wake up. Better websites mean MORE BUSINESS! My investment with your company is the best marketing money I’ve ever spent! Thank you very much,  Ian Sebastian, CA read more

Jaime Fernandez

Just after the second month I have my first client in contract and several leads. I have also seen my Google rankings also jump to the first page in some filters. This product and the service that is provided is well worth its costs. Thank you, Jaime Fernandez, REALTOR® read more

Jeffrey J. Katz

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how satisfied I am with IDX Network. As you know, I had a very customized need for an IDX solution. You were able to integrate your IDX solution with my existing web site and met all of my specifications. Throughout the process you provided suggestions to enhance my requirements. The result is that I ended up with a low cost solution beyond my... read more

ListingPoint Realty

IDX Network is hands-down the best web marketing solution for any serious real estate professional. Our full-custom website was built with some very demanding specifications, and the team at IDX Network brought everything together flawlessly. IDX Network provided us with much more than a "template" website; we received a cutting edge product that takes full advantage of the MLS database ... read more

Rich Tallman

I have been working with IDXnetwork for two years now. From the beginning, their attention to detail has always been topnotch. Moreover, the efficiency in which they execute my design requests and programming needs has made my time with them not only very satisfying, but tremendously productive as well. With IDXnetwork's help, I have managed to create an astonishingly complex website which is... read more